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What Warrior Clan Are You In  quiz. out of the book series warriors    about cats if you dont know  which clan are you in    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Warrior Clan Are You In?
out of the book series warriors... about cats if you dont know. which clan are you in? (e)

1. A kittypet invades your territory. what do you do?
kill it
threaten it to never come into your territory ever again
ask it to join your clan
push it into a river
help it and then dash off because now your clan leader will kill you
2. A cat from a different clan kills your best friend. what do you do?
avenge his death by killiing a cat from the other clan
run to your den and cry your eyes out till your leader drags you out
hope that your friend enjoys StarClan
go into this wierd tunnel turn into this frekish monster and kill everyone around you
3. Which food do you prefer? (remember in this book series you are a cat.)
Mice Voles Birds Squirrels and sometimes Rabbits
Fish Water Voles Shrews and Mice
Frogs Lizards Snakes and sometimes Twoleg Garbage
I prefer not to eat thank-you-very-much.
4. Where would you rather live?
The forest
A swamp
An open prarie
By a river
High in the sky
5. What is your hunting technique?
stalk and pounce
sprint at the prey and then catch it
swim silently and then scoop the fish
hunt at night. pounce on prey unexpectedly
I dont like to hunt i dont have to
6. Fave color out of these?
Gray or Yellow light colors
any blues purples like that.
dark dark colors midnight blue for example
blinding colors like siver gold
red orange colors that just pop and get people excited
7. Will you rate or comment? (does not effect outcome)

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