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What Warrior character are you?
Welcome to the warriors quiz. find out which warrior cat you are most like. (e)

1. Do you pay attention in school?
yeah, i need my knowledge to be a great warrior
Sometimes, depends on what subject
Neah, i`m too good for school
2. Do people look up to you in times of need?
Yeah and i give them good advice
Sometimes but i dont tell them much
Yes of course they do but i dont give them any help!
3. Are you gental?
yeah sure i am, my heart is soft and soal is pure
a little but i must not show it to much
nope, people will think im weak!
I am with kids i guess
4. Are you a born leader
of course i am!
yes but it weighs me down a little
no unfortunatly not
Yes i am but others dont think so
no im happy to stand by and be lead
5. How often do you go out?
not alot i have to stay home and boss people about
a little but sometimes i have to organise things
alot, i like to go and see my girl/boy friend
Alot! i sneak out to scam against my enamies
I do as im told, i go out when im told, i stay in to help when im told.
6. what are you like toward others?
Im ok aslong as they dont steal anything of ours
i tell them to bog of! its my territory!
if its my girl/boy friend i welcome them with open arms
aslong as theres peace i dont mind
Get away from me befor i scratch your eyes out!!
7. Are you much of a lover?
oh yes, yes i am!
I supose so...
I am a secret lover type
8. Would you let a kittypet into your clan?
Sure, why not?
aslong as there loyal i dont mind.
NO they dont belong here!!
I let my leader deside
9. Are you a life saver?
yes, i will do anything for my friends.
no im more of a life taker
im there for people but i dont save them
10. Would you rather be a warrior, deputy or leader?

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