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Warrior Cats Villain personality test quiz. This will tell you which warrior cats villain you would be A tom from the darkforest will be seeing if you re worthy of the Dark forest or not Will you remind him of Darkstripe Or maybe even Mapleshade Take this test to see Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Warrior Cats Villain personality test
This will tell you which warrior cats villain you would be!A tom from the darkforest will be seeing if you're worthy of the Dark forest or not.Will you remind him of Darkstripe?Or maybe even Mapleshade.Take this test to see!

1. (Unknown tom):"So you wanna join then, eh?Well your gonna have to prove you mean it.Also- if I think your worthy of joining us then I`ll let you and tell you my name.For now, call me...Firrstorm."
Ok...?Hurry up.
I don`t care what your name is, JUST GET ON WITH IT.
Cool.Ready for ANYTHING you need me to do if it means joining!
I`ll let you enjoy being in charge for now.Soon enough I`ll be riding you around.
2. Firrstorm:"Hm.The best move to use on an advancing Riverclan warrior about to stand and face you.Go!"
Leap beneath his clumsy paws and push out his legs.
Kill him imediately!!!
Rear up to match him and slowly strik harder.Give him the impression that I`m slow but build up.
Jump around him with my speed then pull his tail and grapple him over.
3. Firrstorm:"Your mate betrays you.How do you react?"
Tell him/her I`m sorry!My mate is the most important thing second to power.
Tell him/her that I never loved them.Slash their ugly faces off and trot happily away.
Slowly advance with menacing intentions.
Tell them how much I loved them.Tell them how they`d hurt me so much and begin to question their lov
Leap forward and strike them harder than I`ve evrr hit ANY cat before!Leave them alone and injured.
Rip his/her eyes out!
Give them a hurt look and leave without a word.
Kill all their loved ones.
4. Firrstorm:"Your favorite killing move?
Pin the cat and shred their throat into peices.
Grab their jaw firmly and twist until I hear a snap.Then their legs.Arms.Tail.Neck...
Make it quick so I can move on to the next cat to kill!
Tell them they`ve lost, let it soak in and slowl bend to deal the fatal blow!
5. Firrstorm:"Your Least favorite clan you`d kill gladly."
All of them.
6. Which clan are you most likely to have mercy on?
7. Your main trait?
Selfish ambition

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