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Warrior cats life (toms only!) my made up characters
your mate/pelt/kit and looks

1. Hi! i am ember and i have a roleplay-quiz for you! Do you like being alone?
well.... maybe? ember: same
yes of course! ember:well okay your choice
STAY OUTTA MY WAY! ember: you need help
2. RP TIME! you see a kit and it is starving. what do you do?
help the poor kit... its hurt ember: deal i think so too
save it pls pls pls ember: y beg?
KILL KILL KILL! ember: oof....
3. RP TIME! you have to kill your kin. what do you do?
i would never BETRAY Him.... ember: i hope so
I have to... do this! ember: wait your gonna be evil 4ever?
cry cry cry.... ember: oh man
4. RP TIME! you have a she-cat from outside the clan. One day, your friend same gender as you sneaked away from the clan. You follow him and you see him with the she-cat muzzles entwined,what do you do?
weep ember: oh man
kick your friend and hide the she-cat ember: kinda mean
pull them apart and press your muzzle onto the she-cats
5. cya
heart bye

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Created on:10/17/2019 4:10:09 AM

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