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What Warrior Cat are you  quiz. These warrior cats are made up  Warrior Cats belong to Erin Hunter  not me Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Warrior Cat are you?
These warrior cats are made up. Warrior Cats belong to Erin Hunter, not me.

1. What colour pelt would you rather be?
Black & White
Brown tabby
Silvery-grey tabby
2. You`re on a patrol in your territory with two other cats when muscular ShadowClan warriors leap out on the mass. What do you do? Three warriors threaten to kill your mate, and his/her apprentice is losing a fight with the other three massive cats.
Sounds like the apprentice can hold on - here I come, my mate!
Seriously? My mate can just use his/her battle tactics that she was taught. Come here, apprentice!
Scream and run away.
3. More RP! A quarter moon ago(a week ago), a fire had ripped your camp into pieces! You are the deputy, and your leader is much too weak from breathing smoke. What do you do when you return?
I double the patrols to get more prey.
I would make sure there were three strong cats on every patrol, while the rest help rebuild camp.
Do nothing. If the leader is too weak, then wait for her to die; it`s not my place really...
4. You`re sitting on the finely grown Newleaf clearing, having flash-backs of your apprentice-life. You remember when you take down your mentor, but you can`t remember your words. What would you like them to be?
"Hah! Beaten by an apprentice!"
"Oh sorry, *mentor`s name*, did I hurt you? I hope not..."
"So, ugh... What do you think?"
5. Last question(Since the questions are so big!), what is your personality?
Kind, gentle, considerate.
Fiery, courageous.

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