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What warrior cat are you?
Find out the true cat inside, out of Firestar, Squirrelpaw, Leafpaw, Graystripe, and many, many more. (e)

1. You are faced with an outlaw from your own clan. He is sorry, but your leader says to kill him. What do you do?
Kill him. You do what your leader says, when they say.
You take them out of the camp and warn them fiercely.
You defy your leader: This cat is your friend!
Ask if another cat can do it, as you can`t bear to see them killed.
2. You and your friend are punished. The cat that caught you has run off to fetch the leader. What do you do?
Stay by your friend: You can`t leave them alone.
Trot away while your captor isn`t looking. Your friend can take the blame.
Run away with your friend to the camp before your captor gets there.
Stand around till they get back. When they do, claw their eyes out!!!
3. Your leader and deputy are out, and you are left in charge. You expect an attack, but aren`t sure. What do you do?
Prepare an attack. The enemy could come ready with warriors.
Stay calm, and don`t prepare an attack. They might not come, after all.
Run to your leader, and ask. You might be restricted.
Stand around till they get back. When they do, claw their eyes out!!!
4. A warrior is injured in a battle you are in. You want to help, but the rest of your clan are still fighting. What do you do?
Help the cat - He could reward you later.
Leave the cat for some other cat to help - your clan needs you!
Ask another cat to help you, and get the job done quicker.
Stop everyone from battling, and try to make peace by showing the warrior`s wounds.
5. You love the medicine cat in your clan, but everyone knows that the medicine cat is not allowed to mate. What do you do?
That cat loves you. You could persuade them to resign from their duties to be with you.
You know you love them, but you`re not allowed. You don`t mate with them.
Consult the leader, and ask them if the medicine cat can resign. Permission is important...
6. Your clan is attacked, yet there are only two attackers. You and your mate are fighting against the leaders, but your mate is pinned down. Should you save them, or defeat the leader?
Save your mate, as they love you.
Defeat the leader. Your mate is important, but this battle is more important than them.
Run away, and leave your mate and the leader. You might break a claw if you get invloved!
Leave to tell your leader, and then come back. They might get angry and go?
Talk, talk and talk. You could talk them to death.
7. Another clan has brought too many warriors for you to attack them, and they have hostages. One is your leader, one is your mate, and one is you. Who will you save?
No one - try to fight them off!
None of the above.

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