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Which warrior cat are you?
Which warrior cat are you? Firestar, Sandstorm, Bluestar, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Crowfeather, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, or Graystripe?

1. You are walking through the forest with the afternoon patrol, and you spot a piece of crow-food lying near the ShadowClan border. What do you do?
Tell your clanmates, and investigate!
Its just crow -food! Besides, I was FORCED to go on the patrol;why would I do anything for my clan?
Sneak away from patrol, and bury it. It`s not like it`s important........
Charge over to ShadowClan`s camp, and jump on the nearest cat, even if it`s a kit.
2. A huge badger has made a set in your territory, and it doesn`t seem to be going any time soon. You:
Go up to the badger set when it`s not there, throw dirt n` leaves everywhere, and yowl in triumph!
Wait until your leader tells you what to do; after all what would I do? I can`t fight that thing!
Bring a huge patrol, and drive it out like a good cat would.
Dont do anything! It might leave on its own!
3. The fresh kill - pile is getting low, but Firestar hasn`t organize any hunting patrols. What to do?
Ask him to organize one,and ask to lead it.
Ask some of your friends to go hunting with you, if Firestar isn`t doing anything about it.
Wait until the hunting parties are arranged; then go!
Who cares about hunting with others? I`ll go myself!
4. Your best friend has just been accused of being unloyal infront of the clan, but he was just in love! You need to act quick!
Talk back to the accuser saying that is not true.
Don`t say anything, that`s their problem, not mine!
Yell just as your friend is about to reply " I`m HUNGRY! Let`s EAT!"
Rush over to your friend, and tell them what to say.
5. If you could visit any one cat, who would it be?
Firestar, DUH
Tigerstar, He`s so powerful!!!
Crowfeather, so CUTE!
Mothwing, she`s very nice to me.
6. Your friend is having kits soon, and you want to have one as an apprentice. What should you try?
Steal Brambleclaw`s dreams and find out for yourself.
Be patient, and see if you get one.
Tell your leader how desperate you are for an apprentice.
Force your leader to make one your appentice, or you`ll claw him all the way to StarClan.
7. In a dream, you see three shells by the shore of sun - drown - place, but no waves touch them. What do you think this means?
It means that someone will go to sun drown place and never get wet.
It means that three cats will journey,but never get harmed.
It means that I will rule three clans, and no one can stop me!
It means that three shells will never be crushed.

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