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Which Warrior Cat are you  The Power of Three quiz. Make sure you ve read ALL of The power of three before taking this quiz  I ve finally finished The Power Of Three soon you ll see  Specials  Mangas  Guides  maybe   and of course Omen of the Stars Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Warrior Cat are you? The Power of Three
Make sure you've read ALL of The power of three before taking this quiz! I've finally finished The Power Of Three soon you'll see, Specials, Mangas, Guides (maybe), and of course Omen of the Stars!

1. You`re Clan`s territory is being invaded by foxes- you`re only a kit what do you do?
Sneak out of camp and try and attack the foxes!
Leave them- the Warriors will take care of them, right?
I don`t have a territory... why worry about foxes?
Foxes? Psh! The WARRIORS will do MY work how and when I say!
They`re not in MY territory.
2. You`re a medicine cat. But you want to be a Warrior. What do you do?
Ask the leader can you change positions
I know the leader won`t let me be a Warrior. I won`t ask.
I AM a Warrior! Mouse-Brain!
I don`t really care for these CLAN postitions.
Cats should take care of themselves not waste time learning about StarClan. I`d just walk off.
StarClan will tell me if they want me to be a Warrior. Until they do I`m still a medicine cat.
3. Two cats have just appeared at in the middle of a Gathering. It`s Greystripe and Millie! What do you do about Greystripe?
Greystipe? Greystripe! You`re Firestar`s friend! Yaaaay!
Greystripe? I thought you were dead.
Oh good, Greystripes back. Yay! And all that...
Who`s Greystripe?
Oh it`s nice to see a new slave- er I mean FRIEND amongst the Clanmates...
Just stand there. Happy but not crazy with over-joyness.
Growl and hiss. That cat betrayed his Clan!
Well he`s back. No! It`s NOT a `miracle from StarClan`!
4. Two cats have just appeared in the middle of a Gathering. It`s Greystripe and Millie! What do you do about Millie?
Kill her! She`s a kittypet! Once a kittypet always a kittypet!
Oh, how nice. Another cat for the Clan! :D
A kittypet? Well... give her a chance, aye?
Aha! ANOTHER slave- damn! I mean...er... CLANMATE.
Who cares? I won`t be up there anyway.
Well, it`s THEIR Clans buisness. Not mine.
5. There`s a new thing- a day-time Gathering. What do you think of it?
Yay! What a good way to bring the Clans back together!
Well It`s not like I can join in, can I?
Oooooookaaaaaaaaaaay.... Nice plan... might be fun actuallly.
StarClan`s just a stupid myth! All Gatherings should be banned anyway. A day-time ones just stupid.
I don`t attend Gatherings.
Yes! Now I can see Lio- oh hello Crowfeather...
I`d love it.
I`d hate it.
6. There`s an odd feeling in the air... suddenly there`s an eclipse! Naturally you don`t know what it is... what do you do?
Run around in circles! Ahhh!!!
Smile and think; "Aha! I predicted this! NOT StarClan!"
Why can`t I see it? Why can`t I see it?!
*Gasp!* StarClan is angry!
Just stand a gape.
I can`t see it. Nor do I care.
7. All three Clans are invading you territory! What do you do?! Hurry! Thery`re almost here!
Go and tell the Clan leader, you need all the help you can get!
I`m part of the invading Clans, stupid!
What? All I can hear is paws pounding and cats yowling. Nothing todo with me they cant even kill me.
MY Warriors will fight them.
8. What would you rather be?
Medicine Cat.
9. Which of the following do you like the best?
Everyone yet no-one.

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