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What warrior cat Name  Mate  Clan  and Rank do you have  quiz. What Warrior are you  Find out here  The warrior cat names in this game are made up so don t expect to get Crowfeather or something Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What warrior cat Name, Mate, Clan, and Rank do you have?
What Warrior are you? Find out here! The warrior cat names in this game are made up so don't expect to get Crowfeather or something.

1. A dog attacks you Clan. An elder,a kit, a Clanmate, the medicine cat, a queen, your best friend, and the leader are trapped. Who do you save first?
An elder. They have done most for the Clan and deserve to go to StarClan out of old age.
The kit. It`s to young to die.
I wouldn`t be in the attack. Im not a Clan cat, remember?
I`m the medicine cat thats trapped. HELP ME!
The queen. She`s pregnant.
The leader. The leader is the most important part of a Clan.
My BFF. He/She can help me save the others.
My Clanmate. My other Clanmates can free the others.
Oh i`m sure my Twolegs will take care of it....
2. You have the ability to save the Clans, or destroy it. Which do you choose?
I will save the Clans. Without the Clans, life will be destroyed!
I`m don`t think I want that power. Can my Twolegs decide for me?
LET THE CLANS BE DESTROYED! *Or I will save it if they pay me a billion trillion $
I`d rather have a Clan cat have that power.
I will decide... I have not chosen yet....
Can a dead cat have that power?
I will save the Clans... It`s like healing.
Yes. I will save the Clans in one condition.... WIND CLAN WILL GET POWER OVER ALL!
*Imeadiatly dies over stress*
I`d rather have a mouse.
3. You can choose an apprentice. Who do you choose?
Icepaw. She is strong and fast
Mulchpaw. I like his name
If my Twolegs allow me to....
Tigerpaw. He is strong and fierce. I will train him to destroy the Clan!
Shine paw. She has all the qualities an apprentice needs.
Cool paw. She is good with herbs.
I don`t need a apprentice. I live alone.
Any apprentice. They all need a mentor
I am an apprentice!
I don`t want one.
4. You are in love with a cat from another Clan, but you are also in love with a cat in your Clan. Who do you choose?
I have my own mate.
I can`t. I`m spayed.
My Clan.
I don`t mate Clan cats.
Depends on what I feel about the them.
Nether. Kits will be my nightmare.
The other Clan cat. He/She is my true calling.
Medicine cats can`t mate.
Dead cats can`t mate.
5. You have a choice to go on a journey to help the Clans. DO you go or not?
I will go!
My Twolegs don`t like when I go away for a long time...
For the Clans? Why would I do that?
NO. Better safe then sorry.
Hmmm... Let me think...
Depends... What will I get out of it?
If they need a healer...
Can dead cats go?
Will it be hard or easy?

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