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What Warrior Cat Are You (Mine)
Alright My First Quiz Nice She-cat Names But Nice Toms Too :P

1. You love a cat but cannot admit to him/her and he/she comes over to you what do you say?
Hey um I have to say something.I love you
Hiya! I love you! You like me too?
Hello. I admit that I do really like you.Like love like you
2. Your mate gets attacked by a enemy clan cat! What do you do
Hiss and spit at the enemy cat and protectively get infront of him/her
Yowl taunts at the enemy and hissing from afar
3. Do you wish to have a mate or kits?
Of Course! I already have 2 kits and a wonderful mate!
Um I have to admit I like this she-cat/tom
I can`t because I`m a medicine cat! But yes I would.
4. A fellow Clan-mate Shrewtooth gets up and picks a fight with Stormcloud, A WaterClan cat! What Do You do?
Get up from my seat pad to the to toms and murmur so no one hears about the truce.
Ignore it. Don`t have time! Talking with GustClan Medicine Cat Kestrelfeather
5. You overhear a Clan-mate mew to a kit that if the kit doesn`t stop mewling in the warriors ear he/she will claw the tiny kits ears off! What would you do?
Yowl at the warrior " Leave him/her alone or you`ll have me to listen to!`
Wail terrified "Don`t you dare lay a paw on my kit!` and sweep the kit up with your tail.

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Created on:2/11/2012 11:51:14 AM
Made by:AuraAurora

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