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What warrior cat are you from darkest hour?
im Ashfoot

1. How do you feel about the warrior code?
Somthing that i would die to protect it
It is an honorable thing to follow
i will all ways follow it. but there are many diferent ways to do it
F,uck warrior codes!
Well just cuz i follow it dosnt mean i like every cat
i just do my duty
i will always follow it! theres no other way!
Yes i follow it but i do it my way
i will never betray my clan!
i would risk my life for my friends!
2. How do you feel about friends?
well i dont have many. i just protect them cuz i have to!
Well i have 2 good friends
i try to make new friends all the time
well im prickly but only my closest friends sees my soft spot
3. Do you like.....
Ginger cats
Gray cats
4. Would you hunt in another clans territory?
No! its not the warrior code!
i woudnt do it
i cant hunt
YES! i would
5. im sorry i know this quiz was lame. next one will be better =[
ZZZZZZZ oh! what did you say!
too bad for you
i thought it was good
it stinks

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Created on:3/20/2009 10:22:28 PM
Made by:Ashfoot

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