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Warrior, Archer, Mage, Or Healer?
A quiz to see which one you are or potentially could be.

1. what is your weapon of specialty?
bows and arrows/crossbow
black/white magic
healing spells/white magic
2. your element?
3. your leader has sent you on a mission to retrieve a vital object that will help your clan prosper. while on your journey you see an enemy ambush up ahead. what is your plan for dealing with it?
charge in with a battle cry, confusing the enemy; then start cutting or hacking away with your sword
you stealthly hide in the trees and kill them one by one with your brutal arrows
execute a spell that makes your enemies fight amongst themselves; stand by and watch the slaughter
you have no special attacks so you use white magic to blind the enemy in order to escape
4. in any case you managed to defeat your enemy with no problem. you see an injured man and realize he`s one of your clan members! what do you do?
ask him what`s happened then take him to the nearest inn you can find.
fight off the enemies that attacked him and then take him to the nearest inn to rest.
you haven`t the strength or time to carry him so you use a spell to teleport him to an inn.
you heal him on the spot and then tell him to return to the clan.
5. you`ve traveled a long way and decide to take a short break. what are you doing?
sharpening your swords/knives/axes. a good fighter needs a strong weapon.
cleaning the blood off your arrows. you can`t concentrate with bloody arrows.
practicing on some of your harder spells. your going to need them for the final fight.
heal whatever wounds you may have suffered and get some rest.
6. all of a sudden an enemies attack your camp. they`re very strong.
you`ve been wanting a challenge lately. you fight with all your might and cut the enemy to shreds.
you can`t fight close range so you keep your distance and shoot at the enemy mercilessly.
you use your dark magic and send off a barage of blasts disintegrating your enemies.
you call upon help with your white magic and let your friends do the destroying.
7. what color or colors are you wearing?
dark red/blue
dark green
8. after many hours of traveling you finally reach a tower. you go inside fighting off various enemies until you reach the top, where you meet the final boss. he has the object you need and without it your clan can`t live.
this is it. it`s all or nothing. you use every weapon you have and go all out in bloody rage.
you make use of every arrow you have and endlessly shoot your arrows through the boss`s armor.
you make use of your strongest spells, overwhelming your enemy.
you call your friends for help and back them up with your white magic and healing powers.
9. it wasn`t easy but you defeat the final boss with the help of your friends (or by yourself since you`re cool like that) and bring back the crystal that will help your clan prosper.
alright! i`m indestructable. no one can defeat me!
*sigh* mission complete. time to head back.
this was the first time i ever had to use this much magic. i should head back and get some rest.
my healing powers and white magic have grown greatly. seems like i`m learning new spells everyday.
10. rate or comment? (will not affect outcome)

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Created on:5/11/2010 3:46:33 PM
Made by:Lonewolf188

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