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Does he want you too  quiz. I m actually really good at this  One time my friend  said  quot Hi quot  to this kid in the hallway and I was like  quot You like him  quot  and she was like  quot    how did you know that  quot  I ll probably have the primary idea and advice   Answer EVERYTHING      honestly Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Does he want you too?
I'm actually really good at this. One time my friend said "Hi" to this kid in the hallway and I was like "You like him." and she was like " did you know that?" I'll probably have the primary idea and advice! *Answer EVERYTHING 100% honestly*

1. How often do you talk to him?
Err.. never. But I`m working up to it! Promise!
We talk; if he needs the homework from last night..
All the time. We`re like best friends.
2. If you`re walking in the Hallway, he`ll:
Say Hello
Walk by you
Start walking with you
3. What`s his casual gesture for you?
He teases me a lot and steals my pencils.. but gives them back after class.
He looks at me like I`m mental sometimes. How do I know? Because I stare at hi- Oh crap!
He`ll usually say "Hey, what`s up?"
4. When he talks do you does he smile?
Whenever necessary....?
No. But he`s totally hot so.. whatever.
Yeah; But I think he`s laughing at my blushes
5. If you`re running alone in gym class, usually he:
Doesn`t do anything - why would he? He`s with his friends.
I`ll pretend I don`t see him and before you know it, he`s at my side.
He`ll occasionally glace in my (General) direction.
6. If you were online, he would talk to you...
Like, an hour after it says that I`m online.
Right away.
We don`t talk.. but I have him on my buddy list! (Me: Oh, that`s not creepy at all!)
7. What do you think?
There`s no chance.
I`m hoping there`s a chance.
Er, maybe. I`d love to though.

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