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How would you want to kill me?
Wow, i really cant think of a description... (e)

1. What really pisses you off?
Emos/ goths
Happy people
When people get pissed
2. Ow! I just stepped on a half- inch piece of glass!
Wow, that must suck.
Wtf? That`s not a question, dumb *ss!
Here, let me go get some salt.
You think that`s bad? I just cut my left thumb off! *holds up left hand*
3. What would you do if a rabid dog got off its leash and started running towards you, foaming at the moutn?
Run in slow motion, and scream `Nooooo!` in a low voice.
Ignore it.
Encourage it.
Run towards it in slow motion. (you`re not going to get far)
Feed him your hand.
Feed him your neighbor, and run off while its distracted.
Turn around, look at it sternly and say `no, thats a bad dog!` while pointing.
Just run.
Attempt to pet it.
4. What would you do if your teacher caught you talking to your friend in class?
Beg for forgiveness
Blame it on your friend (*sshole)
Push your friend down and run out`ve the room screaming.
Say `what;`re you looking at, stupid?` to the teacher.
5. What would you do if you suddenly tripped over a ladybug?
how the f*** do you trip over a ladybug?
yell `son of a b****` at the top of your lungs.
squish the d***ed thing.
Scream and run away.

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Created on:6/25/2007 1:59:41 PM
Made by:iwant2dienow

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