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Wanna know if your crush likes you back? (girls, please)
Read the title, oh my cheese!!!!!!!

1. Do you ever see him talking with his friends, but then he glances at you a bit?
Yea, all the time! Yay!!! That means yay, right?
Nope, I`m one of the friends that he`s talking to!
Yea, but only sometimes. Who knows, he might not be looking at me!
2. When you`re walking down the hallway, does he tend to try to walk closer to you?
Yes! Yay for me, right? RIGHT???
No, he`s with his girlfriend. (me: if he has a girlfriend, he probably doesn`t like you)
Nope... :`(
3. Has he ever held your hand, put his arm around you, complimented you etc.
Sometimes, not much
4. When you`re talking about something you like, but he doesn`t, does he still listen?
Yea, he tries to pay attention. ^^ He`s so sweet.
Nope, he walks away... :`( (me: I feel for u...)
Sometimes, but not if it`s REALLY boring
5. I know it`s short, but rate or comment?

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