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What Villianess r u  quiz. I was shocked to see no villianess quizzes  Any way guys please don t take this quiz    you can but    ummm Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Villianess r u?
I was shocked to see no villianess quizzes! Any way guys please don't take this quiz... you can but... ummm.

1. Preferably Weopon
Any thing my puddin hands me
Martial Art Skills!
Plant toxins
2. Prime objective
That diomond in the Jewlery store!
Plant rights!
Whateve puddin wants!
3. Prefered color(s)
Red White Black
Black(maybe purple)
4. What would you have been if you hadn`t turned to a life of crime
Crimanal Phychyatrist
Hmmmm Animal right`s activist.... IDK
5. Hair color(preference)
6. Fav Animal
Not really an animal person...
Hyena(gotta love that laugh!)
Cat of somesort

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Times Taken:2,201
Created on:2/25/2009 8:43:01 PM
Made by:ebony__wings

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