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Video Gamez

1. Pick da best
COD series
Halo series
Mario series
PVZ Garden Warfare
2. Choose your Destiny
Mortal Kombat series
Soul Calibur series
Grand Turismo
Madden/ Fifa/Nba etc.
3. PS4/XBOX ONE/ Wii U (FYI this will not effect your results)
Wii U
4. A very violent game.
God of war
Manhunt 1-2
Sonic The Blue Mouse....rat.....IDK
5. see if you know this. " Fus Ro Dah!!!"
Some other game.
Ive got no freakin idea. : \

About This Quiz
Times Taken:4,618
Created on:3/2/2014 6:50:33 AM
Made by:Bloodyblade1

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