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Which video game character are you?
This quiz has many possible outcomes. (e)

1. You see a man lying unconcious in the street. What do you do?
Take his wallet.
Call 911
Finish him off.
Perform strange experiments on him.
Stick a French fry up his nose.
Run away
Hide the body.
2. You embark on a journey but first you must choose a weapon. What weapon do you choose?
A ninja sword.
A huge freakin` blade!
Flaming swords on chains.
A light saber.
A laser gun.
A keyblade.
Dark powers.
Words of wisdom.
An asault rifle.
Fire breath.
3. Which would you wear on a quest?
A koopa shell.
Battle ready armor.
Street clothes.
A protective vest and sporty clothing.
A pilots outfit.
Some pants.
None of your business.
A big long cape and tights.
4. You see a pretty woman being attacked by monsters. What do you do?
Help her of course.
Help her cuz you want people to think you`re nice.
Find help for her.
Leave her there so she doesn`t flirt with your boyfriend.
Team up with the monsters and take her prisoner.
Take out the monsters one by one.
Save her... I guess.
Kill the monsters and tell the lady she owes you a favor.
Finish her. That screaming was obnoxious.
5. Are you a boy or a girl.
Not sure.
6. What type of body do you have?
Lots of warts, ugly skin, and I`m huge.
I`d rather not answer that.
I`m small and cute as a button.
I`m tall, trim, and athletic.
I`m short, thin, and athletic.
I`m just plain foxie.
I`m thin and medium height.
I`m freakin` buff.
I hide in the shadows.
I`m thin, tall, and I have an awsome six pack!
7. Your friends get possesed by demons and start killing people. What do you do?
Kill them all quickly.
Run away and cry.
Help them kill even MORE people!!!
8. Your boss tells you to shine his shoes. While he stands there and boasts about some huge fish he caught. What do you do?
Kill him.
Do it just to keep your job.
Quit your job.
9. An evil villian captures all your friends and forces them into slavery. In order to get your friends back you have to give him a magic stone that will make him even more powerfull. What do you do?
Give it to him.
Don`t give it to him.
I don`t have any friends.
10. You are out in the woods with two huge men, you get attacked by rabid bears. What do you do?
Hide behind the huge men.
Try to kill more bears than the men.
Think of a plan while the men spring into action.

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