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Which Veronicas song are you?
This quiz determines which Veronicas song you relate to.

1. Your last relationship that you didn`t want to end, ended because...
You moved away, but you still want to be with them.
Your partner cheated on you.
You wern`t in love anymore.
They were using you for thier benefit.
They moved away, you still miss them.
They drove you crazy!
They had to high expectations or made false judgements on you.
I cheated.
2. What do you want in a relationship?
Fun & passion.
No judgement or to high expectations.
Acceptance and appreciation.
A partner that`s always by your side.
A partner that loves me, not my money or popularity.
True love.
Truth & honesty.
I want a loving relationship that never ends!
3. You are usually...
Making the most of what you have.
Wishing you were wanted and needed.
Missing someone heaps!
Wishing people would leave you alone and go and live thier own lives!!
Not really in love with your partner.
Feeling betrayed by someone close.
Thinking about how much you love your partner.
4. If there`s one thing you could say to your ex or current partner it would be:
It was fun while it last.
Next time you want to judge me, maybe you should get to know me first!!
Why didn`t you tell me you loved me?
I miss you so much!!
Get a life!! Instead of just using me to get what you want!!
I`m not really in love with you.
How could you lie to me like that? I thought you loved me.
I love you so, so much!!

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Created on:11/16/2008 12:57:41 AM
Made by:extacy-xx

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