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Are you vanilla or chocolate? (2)
My second quiz on the same topic. Enjoy =^-^=

1. Do you like to keep your fun low key or loud?
Low key
In the middle
2. How many friends do you have in general?
More than 20
3. You`re in Disneyland. What do you do out of these two options?
Straight to the roller coasters with my friends!
Get some food, chill for a bit and then go to all the rides!
4. You had to present a speech in front of the class. How would you feel out of these options?
Confident: I can do this!
Insecure/shy: I hate speeches..
Content: It`s just a class speech
Not bothered: Why do we even have to do this?!
5. You are wrapping a present. Which colour would you wrap it with out of these options?
Blue and white
6. Would you rather have a job you feel a passion for or for the money?
BOTH! I`m sah smart.
I`m planning to work in my dad`s garage

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Created on:8/13/2013 6:42:32 AM
Made by:blueshe81

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