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Are you a Vampire  Zombie  Angel  Demon  or Elf  quiz. Let s see what fictional creature you can be   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a Vampire, Zombie, Angel, Demon, or Elf?
Let's see what fictional creature you can be (e)

1. What is your favorite drink?
Elven wine
Bloody Mary (hold the alcohol)
Soul Chapagane
Fleshy Timple
Delightful Punch
2. Where would you sleep?
Coffin bed
an unmarked grave
In a fluffy mattrice
In fire (where it is toasty)
In an Enchanted cot (That way my dreams will come true)
3. What would you wear to a Ball?
My worn out bloody clothes (why accessorize when you are to die for?)
Black, and nothing but black
White of course (That way people think I`m pure)
A dragon heartstring sown dress (hey you have to look in enchanted once in a while)
My armor, or pure crimson
4. If you had the chance to do anything what would it be?
Kill all the preps, just rip them apart(with all that plastic surgery i doubt they`ll feel anything)
Save everyone (after all I`m nice)
Stray into the wood try to find others like myself
Hide in darkness, after all no one really believes that i exist anymore, so i have an advantage
Reign havoc upon the world of the living so i can have more souls to devour in hell
5. What is your idea of a perfect night?
hanging out with my undead buddies, ripping the place up like there`s no tomorrow
Drinking "red" wine and watching the human`s pass by my perch upon the cathedral`s roof
Taking a flight in the pleasant blue sky and delivering souls from evil
Dancing with the faeries
Making a all out brawl in a pub, then sitting back to enjoy the show

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Created on:11/20/2007 11:50:12 AM
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