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Are you a Vampire, Werewolf, or Angel?
Please comment and rate. Have fun :D

1. As you wake up your hunger kicks in. Groggily getting up you go after...
A small group of hikers traveling uphill.
A large herd of deer converging at a nearby stream.
Nothing. You replenish your energy and set off again on your travels.
2. After you finish your meal you begin to work your way uphill. As you step through a screen of brambles and leaves you notice the large form of a werewolf. What do you do?
You trot up to him and give him a friendly nudge on the shoulder.
You maneuver yourself away from him. His scent burns your nose.
You slowly walk past him, giving him a polite smile as you step through the next screen of bushes.
Sheathing your fangs you rush him knocking him of his feet.
You recognize him as one of your former pack members and tackle him happily.
3. After a few days you come to a bridge. It is extremely weak at some points and creaks every time the wind blows against it. What do you do?
You stubbornly step forward onto the bridge.
Being cautious you spread your wings and fly across the span of the bridge.
Laughing coolly you gracefully thrust your light frame forward across the bridge.
4. The bridge creaks loudly and somewhere underneath it a large snap is heard. You...
Look back and smile s the bridge crumbles folding your wings you walk away.
Yelp in anger and leap the rest of the way off the bridge.
Smile and step off the last plank to the opposite side as it falls with the rest of the bridge.
5. You`re almost to your destination. You can see the glow of the city ahead. You hear the creak of a wagon and watch as a human and his family head towards the city. You...
Jump them, and steal everything you can. Including their lives.
Walk up to them and offer to escort them the rest of the way.
Stay away from them. It`s almost full moon.
6. After a day has passed you reach the city. You...
Quickly and quietly head towards your packs hang out at the edge of town.
Make your way to the nearest church. You need your weapons blessed.
Sheath your knife and mark a few trees proclaiming the city your new hunting ground.
7. Who do you prefer?

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