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What Vampire series should you read?
Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Diaries, etc. What series should you buy and read?

1. What type of Vampire sounds more appealing?
Stone hard and sparkley in the sun.
Bloodthirsty and Mysterious! But...they need protection in the sun...
I like the idea of having to survive a change to becoming a vampyre. With a Y!
2. Do you like when a main character has many loves?
3. Do you like when the book shows many points of view?
4. Do you hate it when `sex` comes up in books?
5. What lifestyle sounds the most appealing(interesting) out of these?
Living by the rules of a higher power.
Going to a secluded school to learn what I am.
Lying low and feeding when needed.
Having amazing powers given by a goddess, and learning to use them.
Falling in love with someone who thirsts for my blood.
6. Whats your favorite animal out of these?

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