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Are you a vampire?
Let's see if you are part of the children of the night? (e)

1. What would you wear?
Black, classy and fashionable
More revealing clothers
Regular Clothes
Black leather punk rock/or gothic clothes
2. What would you drink?
Blood red wine
Blood mixed with a refreshment
Bloody Mary
Just tomatoe Juice
3. If you had a song for your entrance what would it be?
Her Ghost in the Fog- Cradle of Filth
Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie
Personal Jesus- Marilynn Manson
Love in Cold Blood- HIM
4. If you were to read a story based upon your eternal life, what would it be called?
As Blood Drops
The Bite
Within the Moonlight
Hidden in Shades
5. what color would you want you hair to be?
Black, short and has an airy texture
Multi-colored *red, black, blonde, brown*
Blood red
6. Last Question, What would be your weapon?
My Dark Gifts
My martial weapons...My hands and feet...then possibly some swords
A scaple
a pistol, with UV blast rounds

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Created on:12/6/2007 10:56:10 AM
Made by:vampfairy137

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