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Which Vampire are you?
a fun quiz i guess (e)

1. you get surrounded by another pack of Vampires what do you do?
kill them duh
tell them to go away
sniff them out then pounce they should have known not to cross you
you scream for help and your covenant comes running at your side
you talk to them and try to make them your friends
2. your crush is with you and you thirst for blood what do you do?
you tell them they have to leave
you tell them to come to the forest and you drink they`re blood
you hold it until you get them alone you compliment them and you kill
you demand they`re blood type and then kill
you eat any thing and you hope that your crush isn`t to scared
3. you`re ememy is about to get smashe dand you think about all the by standers if you don`t do anything you can expose your true self
you help them immediatly
you think and walk away
your too godd you never liked them anyways
you watch in excitmeant you don`t care if you get exposed you love blood die die you think
you jump for them and kill them yourself
4. your kissing your soul mate and you kiss to hard they start to bleed what do you do?
Kill THEM KILL NOW you think
you suck on the blood until there empty
you hold your breath and run away
you demand they get out of your way
you feel sick and puke

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Created on:10/19/2007 4:02:37 PM
Made by:Emeraldheart

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