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What type of Vampire are you?
What type are you? Good, Bad, or normal(good and bad)?

1. Do you like to be around people?
hell no. I am a loner
2. what do you do in your free time?
hunt for humans, what else?!
i don`t know. depends on what my friends are doing.
clean the house.
3. What do you do when someone punches you?
bite them, then kill them
punch them back
talk to them calmly, asking them what`s the matter
4. what do you do if your friends start trying to fight you??
fight them! I don`t need friends anyways!
Tell them to stop, or they will have to face a teacher
walk away

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Created on:2/20/2009 7:24:31 PM
Made by:BlackPhantom

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