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are you a vampire or zombie!
Don't judge I was bord!!!

1. When do you sleep?
NEVER. Need brains!
at day. i personaly have nothing better to do cause the sun will kill me.
at night. personaly darkness scares me!
2. what`s your favorite food?
brains!! probaly because i have nine
Blood!! got any?
Pizza, ice-cream, chocolate, and cheese
3. if you bit me what would I turn into?
A zombie!
My vampire companion
why would i bite you?
4. what is the most edible thing on/in my body?
Your brain! mmm brainy!
your blood! thick and sweet! is that type O I taste?
nothing except... no I`m not eating that!
5. will you rate this quiz? (may affect score)
yes if you let me eat your brain!
yes if you let me give you a nibble! *wink*

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Times Taken:2,144
Created on:2/28/2009 3:53:58 PM
Made by:vamp_chick

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