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Are you a Vampire, Hybrid or Lycan?
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1. If you were to become part of an alledged group and you were given a set of strict rules or a code of conduct to follow, would you follow them?!
maybe...if I felt like it
noooo way!! who gives a damn, im immortal!
2. If given the choice to become immortal..would you choose to do so?
no, how scary
I don`t no : -(
hell yeah!!!
yes if it felt right to me
3. Who do you think is the more powerful species?
Vampires all the way!
Lycans/werewolves (rock this world)
Hybrids...yeah mate
no frickin idea
4. Would you ever concider drinking fresh blood if offered?
ewww...gross, NO!
who knows?! if I was drunk maybe yeah
no, not unless I was told to by someone I cared for very much
5. ok guys..icky girly question but just get it done and over with...! which would you prefer?
skin tight black leather out fit with black leather boots
I don`t care
something hairy
power matters, not looks
all of the above
6. last quetion...if you were to suddenly become a Lycan, Vampire or Hybrid, what would most likely be your reaction?
total freak-out
you would be sh*t scared at first but get use to it
I seriously don`t know

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