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The Vampire gift quiz quiz. You are going to become a vampire   What special gift would you have    note   these are not the gifts from twilight   I love twilight   It s where I got the idea  but I made the outcomes up  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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The Vampire gift quiz
You are going to become a vampire. What special gift would you have? (note: these are not the gifts from twilight. I love twilight. It's where I got the idea, but I made the outcomes up.)

1. You are falling down a hole. A very deep hole. You cannot reach the sides. You are heading to the bottom. How do you save yourself?
Scream for help. Someone will listen to me!
Improbably. The chances of simply FALLING in a whole that without noticing it first are very bad.
I would call my pet dragon and...oh, wait, can I have a pet dragon, or does this have to be real?
2. You are taking a quiz at school. It is VERY difficult. How well do you do???
It doesn`t matter. I can always convince the teacher I didn`t get the proper teaching techniques!
I do great! I studied for hours. I made it quite fun!
I did fine. I didn`t think it was THAT hard, but hey, that`s just me...
3. You`re watching a horror movie with your friends. It`s the scariest movie you`ve ever seen. How do you react?
I wasn`t scared! It was too predictable. It had so much more potential...
I was horrified by the idea, but it was completely illogical. I calmed myself with that fact.
I talked quietly to myself and kept myself from freaking out.
4. Okay, you`re reading a romance novel. Do you like it?
Yes! Everything they say is so`s like music to my eyes!
No! Everyone let romance get to their heads and acted like morons!
Not really. These romance books are all the same...same plot, same basic characters...
5. Okay, you are remodeling a room in your house. Who do you get to do the work?
I get my friends to help me. They do almost anything I say.
I do all the blue prints, but I get some strong guy to do all the hard work.
I go through ad after ad until I find some guys who have a fun ad. I ask them to do it!
6. This WILL affect the outcome. Did you like the quiz???
It was okay, but not mentally stimulating....
It was fun! You had great questions (me...thanks! It took forever!)
Yeah, I liked it!
No, it was dumb!
7. Okay, this one WON`T affect the oucome. Will you rate and/or comment???

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Created on:8/4/2008 10:15:32 PM
Made by:sleepyhollow

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