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What Vampire Book Series Are You In  quiz. I read a million vampire books series  cause I suffered extreme boredom this summer  I m bored again so I made this quiz  Anyway the book series are Twilight  Bloodline  Vampire Kisses  Bluebloods  House of Night and Vampire Diaries  Enjoy Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Vampire Book Series Are You In?
I read a million vampire books series 'cause I suffered extreme boredom this summer. I'm bored again so I made this quiz. Anyway the book series are Twilight, Bloodline, Vampire Kisses, Bluebloods, House of Night and Vampire Diaries. Enjoy!

1. Describe yourself please
Goth or Emo
2. Would you rather have your life be a...(Sorry about all the romance, vampires and love go together. Go figure)
Adventure Romance
Horror Romance
Comedy Romance
3. What vampire would you rather be?
A diamond thing, thats virtually indestructible and lives forever
A classic Dracula like vampire
A classical vampire, but goth
A hot person that lives forever but can be killed by somewhat normal things and has amazing powers
A regular person that lives a long time and has amazing tattoo`s
A freaking gorgeous person with lots of money and happens to drink blood
4. How would you become a vampire?
Being bit and be in agony for a period of time
Being bit in a lusty way (only way to describe)
Being bit in a sweet way
Being chosen by a goddess
Sharing enough blood with a vampire then dying
Being born a reincarnation of an angel banished from Heaven
5. What vampire powers would you want most?
Powers that depend on you`re personality
Powers of seduction and turning into a bat
Turning into a bat and maybe some random power
Powers of the elements, reading minds, controlling animals, etc.
Controlling the living and dead, turning into animals, controlling the weather, and other cool stuff
No real powers, just gifts, like reading minds
6. When would a vampire be most powerful?
Right after being made into a vampire
Whenever the goddess wishes you to be
After drinking human blood, and if you kill the human, more power!
After drinking blood
7. You just found out your boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire. How did you find out?
When the elders told you
You`re a vampire, so duh, you knew your boy or girlfriend was a vampire too
Saw him/her drink blood from a bird
Didn`t see his/her reflection in a mirror
You just guessed after scary things at his/her place
You got some inside info and guessed what he/she was
8. And finally, (im not ending with a `will you rate` question, blah!) how would you kill a vampire?
Another vampire or maybe a werewolf
A stake through the heart, another vamp
You wouldn`t kill a vampire!
How you`d kill a normal person
When a vamp gets to weak, stake, another vampire
Another vampire

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