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Are You Unlucky  quiz. This quiz is inspired by me  amp  my dad winning Beatles Rockband  amp  the instruments for it  But the thing had a return date of Oct  something  So     no game for me  I think   Yeah        am I unlucky or what Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are You Unlucky?
This quiz is inspired by me & my dad winning Beatles Rockband & the instruments for it. But the thing had a return date of Oct. something. So.... no game for me (I think). Yeah....... am I unlucky or what?

1. Have you ever dropped an ice cream cone on the ground right when you took the first lick?
Yes.......that happens pretty much everytime I get ice cream.
Only a few times in my life.
Only once, but I was almost done anyway.
2. On picture day have you ever spilled all over your shirt?
Yes. Almost every picture day!
Once. I wasn`t paying attention.
I come out cleaner in my pictures than when I did when I left my house!
3. Have you ever gotten hurt right before something important you had to do?
Very often. I had this huge cut on my face from falling off my bike the day before picture day!
Only once before my band concert and the cut didn`t show because I was wearing long pants.
No. I seem to get pampered right before something important and I do great at whatever I am doing!
4. Do you get in trouble at school for no reason?
I get rewarded in school A LOT!
5. Sorry about the shortness of the quiz! (Has effect)
That`s ok. I had a lot to do and my mom just decided we are going swimming anyway!
Thats ok. I wanted it to be short.
Great! Now I have to go clean my room early! *rolls eyes and looks miffed*
Thats ok! *trips and falls* "OWWWWW!"
6. Comment or rate? ( no effect )
Both!! ( me- thank you!!)
I want my answers!!!!! : )

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Created on:10/18/2009 8:18:12 PM
Made by:GardenFairy

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