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um... are you vampire?
this is a bad quiz thing

1. how do you like your meet? that is the most random question i have ever asked...
realy well done
well done
rare, is that how you spell it? god my spelling sucks!
really rare, mmm......
i hate meet
2. do you chew your lips?
hell yeh!
i bit,
not very often
never, eww! your gross! and wierd!
3. have you ever wanted to sleep in a coffin?
yeh! i do!
i did once... *has flash back*
yeh i want to, but just for the hell of it.
never! aarhhh!!!!!!!!!! coffins!!!!!! *runs screaming from pc*
4. Have you ever drunk blood?
yeh i drink peoples all the time!
i do a bit
yeh once, but that was mine
ew you are really ming! of coarse i have not!
5. have you ever been at a graveyard at midnight?
yeh! when i`m not hunting in night clubs or stalking dark alleys.
yeh some times, why? said in scared small voice.
sometimes, *looks away slowly and hums random tune*
no way, bloody way! to scary! who the hell are you?, you freak!
i`m not even gonna bother answering that!
6. if you had to where one of these....
long black trench coat
fitted, black, leather, long coat
leather biker jacket
army jacket
a hooded cloak
normal stuff... why?
sandles with socks "i love my beard" said in crazed voice

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Created on:3/17/2008 1:11:54 PM
Made by:xBlackFlamex

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