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Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Test quiz. Where you put everything to the test of how you think you ll survive the Zombie Apocalypse but that s the question Will You     Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Test
Where you put everything to the test of how you think you'll survive the Zombie Apocalypse but that's the question Will You!!??

1. Are you......a boy or a girl(hey watch it)
Eh I`m not anwering(....)
Gah!(No need to yell)
hmpf guy
I`m a man
I`m a woman
2. Do you like being in groups?
Eh maybe one or two
20 or so people
40 or more
6 people 8 tops
4 to 6
I don`t mind
a small group
Rah(ok what the?)
3. Alright are you loud?(Gah!) (Ow no need to yell in my ear....)
a lot
Not really but sometimes
so so
tch what do you think?
We maybe loud but we kick butt
Were silent but deadly(omg lol)
Nope i`ve snuck up a rabbit once
I`m really quite
4. Alright you see a zombie outside your window what do you do?
Yell at the top of my lungs then kill it
.....try to sneak up on it
Call some of my friends
Call everyone I know
get together with my most trusted friends
grab some weapons and find my friends
Get out my crossbow and shot it
get whatevers at hand and get out of town
Get my sword and slice its head off
5. Where would you go during the zombie apocalypse?
Does it matter?(....)
A small town
A small city
tch like I`m telling you(....)
We`ll go whereever we can
To where were told or were we feel
6. What weapons or weapon would you use?
Uh a shovel
I`D USE A GUN(shesh)
.....A pipe or something......
Lots of stuff but not too much
A crap load of stuff
Tch none of your bussines
Whatever we could get
Quite stuff
A sword,crossbow,a silenced pistol
A machete,a bow,and a gun
7. what would you use to get around?
Um a bike or running
a bike or something else
A truck or van
A van or monster truck
Feh not telling
Whatever was available to us
Something quite
A offroader,an argo,a helicopter
A argo,offroader or a truck
8. Finely how long do you think you`d survive the zombie apocalypse?
Ur who knows maybe a year
......maybe a year or two....
Maybe I`d almost make it
Eh longer than most
...Feh like you`ll know
We`d survive as long as we could and go out with a bang
We`d make it
I know I`d make it....maybe.....
I`d go as long as I could....

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Times Taken:6,734
Created on:5/4/2016 3:52:56 PM
Made by:Zoruin

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