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Are You Ugly Cute Hot or A Sexy Slut?
Hey! I Hope you liked my quiz! PLZ comment/ or rate. Thanx

1. How many guys have you gone out with?
um...none actually
2. What would you do if a guy asked you to hang out at HIS place?
Get a little pink and tell him you`ll have to ask your parents
ABANDON SHIP! adn never be able to look at the guy again without feeling seasick
Say"HELL YEAH!" and stay there til 4:00 am.
Convince him to go to the park with you. His house would be too PRIVATE.
3. How much make-up do you wear?
NONE! it WONT help!
Oh a little here and there...
Only on special occations do I wear make-up
Maybe alittle eyeliner or maskara or blush every once and a while.
WAY to much!
4. What`s your favorite type of guy?
Hot ones
Athletic ones
Cool ones
Anyone who knows i exist
Smart ones
Kinda perfect ones
Lip-Lockers! *wink!
5. What do people call you at school?
Athletic babe
Jerky Princess
Nerdy Kid
The Ugly Duckling
Sweet N Sexy
6. How many friends do you have?
7. Fav?
BED!!! lol*wink
Getting a facial
mall! Shop til I drop!

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Created on:5/30/2009 6:59:10 PM
Made by:WOWIEchick

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