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Which Ugly Betty character are you?
A test to see which character from the hit dramedy 'ugly betty' you are!

1. Your style:
Bright colours, often clashing, lots of layering.
Tailored Suits, smooth ties, expensive shoes
Straightened bob, smart neutral suits and skirts, fur, patent heels.
Exuberant waistcoats, curly gelled hair
Loves fashion, anything to show off your trim figure. killer heels!
2. Your friend loses her job, you:
comfort her, try and help her find a new one.
Sleep with her to cheer her up
I have no friends! I`m too important
Ooh, comfort them to their faces, then secretly see if you can get their old job.
Get over yourself! That uniform made you look fat anyway
3. Your ideal partner:
Someone kind, smart and funny, who you have lots in common with.
a hot model!
Someone a little different from yourself, who introduces you to new things.
A funny man
someone rich
4. kids?
I don`t have any of my own at the moment, but I get on well with them.
oh, I have my son, hes my best pal.
My daughter and I have a difficult relationship.
Er no. I don`t like how they`re made. With a women urgh. Might adopt later though.
They`re hands are too dirty
5. Your way of flirting:
To chat sunnily to people
Flirt outrageously, lots of touching
Use your money and charms
Ooh you`re nice
Throw yourself at people, try and kiss people you don`t know
6. How would the opposite sex describe you?
Erm... nice once you get to them.
Gorgeous, but he never called me back!
Ball buster
Ooh favourite gossiping/bitching partner
very sexy, if a little stupid

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Created on:7/16/2009 2:18:55 PM
Made by:mchelen

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