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Are you ugh?
Are you an ugh human being?

1. How often do you use the words ‘lit’ ,’savage’ etc?
All tha time(ew)
Ewww that’s disgusting never use those crusty words again
Meh occasionally...
Quite a lot tbh
2. Do you like the Kardashians?
Yaassss love em
They’re bearable
Wouldn’t watch them if someone payed me
Ya they’re ok
3. Do you watch supernatural?
Yaaassssssss bitch preach
What’s a supernatural?
Nope but it’s ok
Ya it’s a pretty good show
4. Opinions on dogs?
meh I like them but I prefer cats
Cat people ftw
Yaaaaaaassssss give me dem puppies
Love me some dogs
5. Favourite ice cream flavour?
Mint choc chip
6. Do you aspire to be Misha Collins?
Yaaassssssssss my Bebe child bab ray of sunshine smol bean
Castiel is ma bab sooo... ya
I guess so
7. What’s your favourite type of tree?
Oak...(like Gary oak? Ugh)
Cherry blossom
Bob Ross happy trees
I don’t go outside Hun...what’s this tree you speak of?

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Created on:10/30/2017 7:15:06 PM
Made by:MooLitetrash

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