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Would u survive a Shannon attack?
If shannon attacked u would u survive?????

1. A red-headed girl wit blue eyes cumz up to u and sayz, "La,la, elmoz world!!" Wat would u do?
i would take her to 1 of the hoboz on the streetz and tell her tat dis iz where u belong....
i would freak out and sing her wit her...YAY ELMO!!!!!
where`s da red-head??? i dont c 1.....
2. Do u lik dis piece of toast?
no, not really....it has weird eyes.........
OMFG!!!!! YES!!!!!!!
i dont c toast!!!! or da red-head!!!! god!!! (me:) *keep lookin....sumday u will find them...*
3. The red-head grabs ur arm and barkz at it, how does this make u feel?
i would take my arm away and walk away fastly...... wats wrong wit dat thing?!
i would grab her arm and bark bac!!!! tat will show her!!!
where is she?! is there sumthin wrong wit me?! i dont c her!!!
4. ok so theres tat random advertisement floating above me...(i hate thos things soo much) and it sayz pet society...the creature look rlly gay sooo yea....how do u react to me tellin u dis?
wats wrong wit u?! u and the red-head hav issues and u need sum serious help!!
cool.....i lik the random seahorse thing hehehehee
ok........well i still dont see any red-heads.....i giv up.....im leavin.....
5. Ur at home and the red-head cumz bac and she spazez out right in front of u.......wat would ur reaction b?
i would run and hide sumwhere.....
i would laugh and spaz out 2!!! This girlz fun!!! =]
wtf did u follow me?! leave me alone!! i dont c any girl!!!
6. She follow u into the livin room and turns on ur tv and sits down on ur couch. U turn to her and she smilez and wavez at u and sayz, "The worlds cumin 2 an end." Wat do u say in return?
get the hell outta my house u creep!!!!! >:-[
why r u still askin me these questions i havnt seen no girl!!! ur lik a virus!!! (me:) * ur mean!!!*
7. LAST QUESTION: the girl turns off the tv and sayz "Will u comment and rate, noga doga?" And ur answer iz?
hell no!!! this quiz suckd!! (me:) *well then.......i hope u get mauld by a bear!!*
yes!! u rock!!! (me:) me thnxz...wen da bear cumz ill save u.."

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Created on:1/17/2010 11:25:39 PM
Made by:SilentTounge

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