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Are you punk or poser  quiz. this will tell you if you are an awesome punk worthy of me  or a poser who should die  e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you punk or poser?
this will tell you if you are an awesome punk worthy of me, or a poser who should die (e)

1. Which of these band groups are punk?
sex pistols, anti-flag, sum 41
blink 182, greenday, simple plan
rolling stone, aerosmith, queen
2. who wrote the song "Rise Above"?
Blink 182
Black Flag
3. What kind of pants do you wear?
baggy with holes in them
regular jeans
tight black jeans
sweat pants
4. what is your favorite band of these?
Avenged Sevenfold
Fall Out Boy
The Partisans
5. a group of ghetto people laugh at you because of the way you look, what do you do?
walk away crying
attack them
point and laugh at them
try to scare them away
ignore them, they`re loserfags any way
6. how tight are your pants?
they fit comfortably
really tight
i dont waer pants, why do you think im on the internet?
7. what color is your hair?
my natural color
green, blue, red, or another neon
im bald
8. What are the names of the guys in the Dead Kenndys?
John, Jack, dan, and bob
Jello, ray, john, dan
klaus, j.c., dan, and john
jello, ray, d.h., and klaus
9. who plays drums in anti-flag?
justin sane
pat thetic
chris head
10. what is your favorite cartoon?
i dont watch cartoons
family guy
invader zim
11. how many guys are in thought riot?
ive never herd of them
12. do you cut yourself? and if so where?
yes, my wrists
yes, my legs
yes, everywhere
13. how many cds does anti-flag have out not including live and splits?
they`re not a band
14. what is the name of the lead singer in Jesus and the Jews?
15. What is the symbol for the exploited?
a screming skull
a flaming skeleton
16. who wrote the song "Somthing in the Water"?
The Dead Kenndys
Blink 182
98 Mute
Chaos UK
17. You see a kid walking down the street wearing a Bad Religion shirt, your conclusion is...
hes punk and awesome
hes a poser
i dont know him and can`t judge
hes a preppy
18. Why are we at war?
to fight terrorists
because bush is an idiot
because bush hates iraq
to get oil
numbers 2 3 and 4
numbers 1 3 and 4
19. is it okay to do drugs?
yes just as long as you dont get addicted
20. what is your favorite store?
Hot topic
Trash American style

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