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would u date me?
idk, would u?

1. wut do u think of labels? (labels r names 4 ppl like emo, goth, jock ect.)
labels r stupid
labels put ppl in their places, i like labels!
y do i care?
labels r kickass and they help me identify ppl
2. im punkish does tht bother u?
yeh, punks r weird (me: drat off then!)
no, punk is cool
i dont care if yr punk
i can deal with it
3. wut is yr fav color (no comments on ths questions...)
4. i love u
i love u 2
*makes out with u*
i... like u, but i dont love u
5. wut is yr idea of romantic?
a walk on the beach
a one night stand, ill get the hotel room!
a candlelit dinner
eating mcdonalds in the parking lot
making out in a dark alley
6. if u evr visited my house, where would u wanna go?
yr room *raises eyebrows*
the kitchen, make me food woman! (me: u make it yrself!)
to the bck yard so we can watch the sunset
to the living room to watch tv
lets jst walk down the block holding hands
7. i like anime, do u?
yeh, anime is kick ass!
no anime can drat its self!
animes alright
i usually watch anime but if its not on i have no problems watching cartoons
8. wuts yr age? (be truthful)
17 and up
9. can u deal with random ppl?
yeh, im random 2
no, those ppl r annoying as drat!
i could handle it
to a point...
10. this the last question, r u actually single or did u tak this 4 fun?
im single
PLZ DATE ME!!!!!!!!!! (me: little desprate dude...)

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Created on:10/14/2009 9:22:38 PM
Made by:kaylala

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