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would u date me? (guys only)

1. im kind of emo, does tht bother u?
no, idc
eww! emos r gross
2. how old r u?
18 or 19
3. would u evr cheat on me?
no way, thts low...
cheating is wrong
pch, i can do wutevr i want bitch...
4. if there was a storm outside and the thunder scared me into hugging u, wut would u do?
i would hug u and say its ok
id push u away and say dam its jst thunder, wut r u so scared of?
id kiss u on the forehead and say s its alright im here...
5. if a guy was harrasing me, wut would u do?
keep walking, u can take care of yr own problems
go up and say bck off to the guy then take u away from him
go up to the guy, punch him, and ask if u were ok
6. if we evr broke up, would we still be friends afterword?
of coarse, u would always be my friend
no, id say f***k u and nvr talk to u again
7. if i evr told u "i luv u" wut would u do?
say i luv u bck
say, ok, but im not sure if i luv u 2...
say, im out of yr league, run along now
8. srry if u think this quiz is short...
its fine

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Created on:7/21/2009 7:05:17 PM
Made by:kaylala

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