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Are you cool enough to be a llama  quiz. If your cool enough   be a llama  I ll tell you  If your not  I ll still tell you  Be prepared  Llamas are super cool  XD   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you cool enough to be a llama?
If your cool enough 2 be a llama, I'll tell you. If your not, I'll still tell you. Be prepared! Llamas are super cool! XD (e)

1. What is your daily wardrobe?
Idk, whatever I pull out of the closet.
Oh, tis never the same thing. I spend 3 hours each morning looking hot. XD
A hoodie and some jeans.
Anything fuzzy!
2. What do you NEVER leave the house without?
My super hot shades! school books?
The necessities.
Idk...this is a stupid question.
Wo0t W0ot! Llamas rule!
That`s not even a question...
A woolly-haired South American ruminant of the genus. Oh...did you want a definiton?
4. What are llamas mainly used for?
A person as cool as me would not know that.
Being a Llama, I would know this well: their fuzzy fur!
They are mostly used as a pack animal, although they used to be hunted for their wool and meat.
5. Last question!
Okay...that`s nice.
About time it`s over!
YAY! So am I a llama?
Okay, so go ahead and tell me that i`m a llama, so I can get on with my super cool life.

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Created on:1/23/2008 9:10:25 PM
Made by:Erca

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