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are u a dog or a cat
write plz

1. what do you hope for
2. what is your foot[me and lee:random]
big[me:how big lee:^^sorry about her]
3. what animal do you hate
birds and mice
cats and srrangers
4. dog
dogs rock[me and lee:kiba out]
{scared}they kill[me and lee:O_owow
5. cat
swett kind loving[me: we get it lee:just shut up]
they need to all die[me:you have proplems lee:yea]
6. rate and message
bark yea[thank]
yea meow[thank too]
growl no[waaaaa plz]no
7. bye
byebye moew

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Times Taken:1,116
Created on:6/17/2008 9:53:56 PM
Made by:222222555555

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