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Are you the typical middle schooler? (Girlz only!)
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1. So you`re on the bus going to school. Some kid is talking about that nerd that picks his nose. You....
... oh my gosh I totally lean in to listen about what`s going on with him now! =D
Maybe listen part of the way. It could be something good and juicy but I don`t care so much.
Go back and hide in the corner... I don`t have time for that stuff.
I don`t ride the bus but I`d like to!!
I don`t ride the bus and I NEVER will want to because there is too much "social contact".
2. OK so you get to school and this so totally hot guy asks you to go with him to the dance this Friday night, except you hardly know him. You...
... SAY YESs DUH!!!
... I consider it. I`ve always wanted to go out with a hot guy but... I hardly know him...
... Say, "Sorry I barely know you!"
... I`m not even going to the dance because I don`t want to because social contact bothers me.
3. It`s now the first period. There`s this girl next to you wearing a totally ugly outfit. You...
... tell everybody about it and make fun of it.
Umm... I`ll laugh in my head and tell my friends but I`m not gonna go too overboard.
I won`t worry about it. It`s not like I care about fashion anyway!
4. 2nd period... the day is going by SO slowly and you are BORED. You...
Get out my cell-phone and text my friends... like I always do.
Ugh... I`ll start some note-passing! :D
Just... listen to the class. BLAH.
Me? BORED!! No way I love school!
5. OK after 3rd period you have lunch and you have to wait in this LONG line. You...
... doesn`t bother me! Like... everyone around me is my bestest friend so I`ll just talk to her.
Just stand... and wait...
6. You`re half way through the day and your walking through the halls to your next class. You are...
Singing in the hallway / running / chatting with other popular buds!! :-)
Uhh... just walking side by side with my best friend.
Me? Walking/talking with ANYBODY!!?? No I`m crawling on the walls I`m so shy!
7. Extrovert or introvert?
Err... in the middle.
8. Do you care so much about your fashion and the clothes you wear?
uhh YEAH!!
sometimes it bothers me a bit
No I don`t really care that much. If someone tries to talk to me about my fashion, whatever.
9. Do some people think your a nerd?
No they all think I`m COoL!
No but I`m not super-loved.
Yeah they do I think.
10. OK so back to the Role-Playing... you walk into the girls bathroom and you look into the mirror. OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE A ZIT!!!
AHH!!! I`m late to class because I`m spending my time trying to fix it. :(
Oh gosh darnet that stinks.
Whatever does it matter?
11. On the bus ride home, almost everyone is gathering together at the back of the bus talking about silly stuff. You...
.... ooo I`ll join in this could be fun! =) I might add a couple things too!
I`ll come up and listen... but I won`t say much!
Don`t care one bit.
12. Your home from school and what do you do?
Start my homework. Gotta get it done!
Umm I guess turn on the TV?
Like... get on my laptop and istant message all my pals! :)
13. Everyone`s wearing the same style of pants. You...
... get them NOW! Gotta look cool!
... hmm... I might consider adding it to my christmas wish list.
... Don`t care one little bit.
14. Do you have a cell-phone? WHY?
Yes - to be cool with my own cool phone
Yes - for emergencies only
No :(
No but don`t care.
15. And last question: Will you comment/rate?
Sure you totally rox my sox!
NEVER!! (me: it can`t be that hard to click a few times and it would make me happy!)

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