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Which Twilight Series Extra would you have  quiz. Based of the books by Stephanie Meyer  Even if you haven t read it you might like the quiz becuase it does give some insight on your personality  And I saw a whole bunch of really cool pictures and it was hard to pick just one especially Jacob s     e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Twilight Series Extra would you have?
Based of the books by Stephanie Meyer. Even if you haven't read it,you might like the quiz becuase it does give some insight on your personality. And I saw a whole bunch of really cool pictures and it was hard to pick just one(especially Jacob's)! (e)

1. Okay. So some big burly bully of the opposite sex comes up to you and insults you. How do you deal with them?
Push past them and roll your eyes. There is nothing stupider than someone pretending to act tough.
Tell them that harassing and bullying is a really immature and uneffective form of flirting.
Ask them sarcastically if they`re having a bad day
Inform them that there are better ways of dealing with insecurity besides bullying.
Tell them if they stop bullying, they might actually find that dating is a possibility for them.
Tell them you`ll be watching them at night.
Stare them down. They`ll get so freaked out that they`ll leave scared like the chicken they are..
Just look down and walk away. What else can you do? It did hurt you`re feelings a little though...
2. Your at lunch, just goofing off with your friends, when all of the sudden your best friend of the opposite sex asks you out. Everyone stares at you, waiting for your answer. What do you do?
Think about what could happen between you two, wether it would work out or not. Then you answer him.
Think about what he/she must be thinking.They must be so anxious to know what you say.You say yes
Smile.You understand how strange they feel. "Yes" you say becuase you don`t want to dissapoint them
Think about how good they probably are in a relationship.If it looks good,say yes.If not say no.
Look at them closely.Would they really care about you,or would they wince when they give you a hug
Say no becuase you would feel bad whenever your attention turned to someone else.Your not a romantic
Stare them down to make them uncomfortable.How dare they endanger your frienship like that.Its a no
Pull them aside and calmly make them understand that your not ready to make the next step yet.
3. Your close friend tells you they tried to kill themselves a couple months ago with pain killers. How do you react?
Think about what the chances are of them trying again.Then react based on your intuition.
Ask them what they were thinking when they tried. Could you have helped prevent the attempt?
Try to find some clues they could have dropped saying they were going to try.They must have been sad
Understand imeadiatly why they tried. They were leaving subtle hints the whole time!
Are Shocked!you had no idea!of coarse you were to busy playing matchmaker to notice any depression..
Never leave them alone again!You always visit or call them.They wont have a chance to try again!
Smack them! How dare they tr to take themselves away from you?!
Tell them never to try again.You would hate to have to live through that. You love them to much...
4. What are you most afraid of?
Not knowing what`s coming next
Not knowing what people are thinking about
Everyone around you being unhappy and not being able to have any control over it.
People feeling the need to put on a fake mask to make others happy.
Seeing two people who were made for each other but not making a move
Not knowing anything about people
Not having any control what so ever over people.
Seeing a friend in pain
5. Pick a quote.
Talk to the moon, becuase she will always talk back.
Don`t wish on a star, reach for one!
Never start frowning,becuase you never know when someone is going to fall in love with your smile
Beneath the make up and behind the smile, she`s just the girl who wishes for the world.
A wise person knows their limits, but a great person doesn`t have any.
Everything that happens in the universe affects everyone else in it.
Every time you see a beutiful person, just remember, someone got tired of them.
A good friend is cheaper than therapy
6. What comes easiest for you?
Placing bets
Chess or checkers or some other skill game
Getting people to tell you secrets
Talking to people when they want to be themselves.
Playing matchmaker.
Finding things
Winning staring contests
Hanging around with friends,even if your doing nothing in particular
7. What`s your least favorite personality trait about you?
I can be a bit over confident
I am easily frustrated.
I`m not the most talkative person in the world.....
I occasionally zone out.
Sometimes I gossip to much..
Once I get into something I`m way to focused on it and don`t think of anything else.
I don`t have that many friends...
I become to dependent of my friends sometimes...
8. Favorite color?
Pinks and Reds
9. If you could have one magic related thing, what would it be?
Crystal Ball
Truth Serum
Emotion Potion; one for each emotion
Magic Wand
Love Potion
Built-in Radar detector in your head
The power to cuase amazing pain
To be a student at Hogwarts.

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