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Which Twilight Guy should be your own  quiz. Since quite a few quizzes like this suck  we ve made an honest effort to give you a quiz worth taking Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Twilight Guy should be your own?
Since quite a few quizzes like this suck, we've made an honest effort to give you a quiz worth taking.

1. What is your favorite hairstyle on a guy?
Long and black
Curly and brown
Copper and tousled
Blonde and short
Long and blonde
Medium length and honey blonde
Brown and spiky
2. What do you like most in a guy?
3. How would your parents feel towards your guy?
They respect him, he helps people.
All warm and fuzzy for some odd reason.
Like they were a T-bone steak and he was a lion.
Overwhelmed by his charisma
Proud that you brought home someone normal, finally.
Happy that you met such a lively fellow.
Glad you got into a guy that was practically family.
4. What`s your favorite kind of dog? [This is relevant, trust us.]
Any cute little puppy.
Husky, or wild wolf
Labrador retriever
Really pretty dog, like a terrier
German Shepherd
I prefer cats
5. What does your guy prefer to do in his spare time?
Play battelship or do other strategic things.
Work on his ride.
Help people with vital things.
Be around you all of the time.
Play sports
Eat. Or Feed.
Read or listen to music.
Hunt. Hunt!. HUNT!
6. How well does your guy perform in school?
Way better than me, he`s a genius.
Pretty decent I guess.
He could use a little tutoring...
He should be teaching.
He probably wouldn`t be in school.
7. How does your guy feel about his competition?
No one`s fighting for me anyway, they know I`m his.
He just wants me to be happy.
Oh that`s easy, he wants to rip them into shreds.
There`s not any competition, my guy is a bit intimidating.
He`s always consistent in trying to win me.
He would devour the competition. Literally.
8. What kind of car would your man have?
Volvo, or something sleek and expensive but subtle.
He drives his parents` car.
He just walks everywhere.
Probably something old or broke down, he doesn`t have much money. Maybe a motorcycle.
Something wild and crazy, like a monster truck.
A black Mercedes. Exspensive, but low-key.
9. And last, what color is your guy`s personality like?
Crimson [blood red]
Cerulean [blue]
Gold or honey
Bright orangish-red
Bright red
10. What did you think of the quiz?
It was alright.
Sure, sure, can I get my results?
It was pleasurable, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
It wasn`t sadistic enough for my tastes.
Way sweet, dudes.

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Created on:5/31/2008 10:29:35 PM
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