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Which Twilight Character Are You?
Find out if your a Vampire, Werewolf, or just and average human.

1. Are u a girl or a guy?
Im a girl thank u very much!! =^ . ^=
Im deff an guy!
2. What personality traits would describe u the most?
im gifted to love passionately.People see me as warm and inviting as snow white.
I see myself as a strong forceful leader, and i put everyone around me at ease.
Im beautiful of corse!! But im loyal to my friends and family. When ever they need me ill be there.
Im known as the scary teddy bear among my frineds. My cheerful disposition draws people towards me.
I can be some what intelligent. But i also can be loving +compassionate to those around me.
My charming and polite manners draws people in. But i can be stubborn and protective at times.
I find myself as a very bubbly + optimistic person.But i find myself doing things MY WAY!!
I admit i can be clumsy at times. Im terrible when it comes to lieing+ and my humor can get dry.
Im known as the rebellious one.I can be over protective+i have that bad boy look to me.
3. What would u rather be?
a vampire...that way i could suck you BlOOD!! jk
Eh i think id stay human.
I think id like to be a werewolf that would be cool to scare off the locals.
4. Which would u rather do?
Id rather sit by the mirror and look at myself.
Go out for a nice long run...maybe even try cliff diving!
I dont care what i do as long as my vamp bf is near ill be fine!
I might want to challenge my bros to an arm wrestling match.
I might go to the piano and write a song for my best girl.
Playing dress up, Shopping, Oh a suprise party for my best girl would be fun!! =^ . ^=
Id study up on my vamp history of corse.
I have to take care of my little family first befor i start thinking about free time!!
I would focus my free time to work on my training.This clan would fall apart without me!
5. What would be your main focus in life?
To protect my family!!
Im trying to put those 2 stupid magnets together but they just wont budge...
To help every one put there mind to ease.
I hope my Optimistic outlook on life will be passed on to another who needs it!
To protect my prize!!
To keep my family together!
To always look beautiful!!
To protect my family + loved ones.
6. How do u like the idea about aging?
Eww aging. I would never want to.
I Would rather age then live forever.
Ill age soon enough when im good + ready
7. Whats your fav animal?
Ah a bat..i think
Anything related to dogs..
I dont really have one. At least not one youve listed.
8. How does your body heat?
My skins cold to the touch.
Im nice and toasty. IM A HUMAN HEATER!!
Eh i guess about the same as an normal person.
Whats your fav animal.
9. Will u rate this Quiz??
I feel thoughtful today so i just might!
Eh i dont want to waste my time.
Really u want me to rate THIS quiz..Hmm Okay
Eh maybe if it`ll make u happy.

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