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Would you turn to the dark side   Star Wars  quiz. By taking my quiz you can find out whether you would turn to the dark side of the force   IF you answer truthfully Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you turn to the dark side? (Star Wars)
By taking my quiz you can find out whether you would turn to the dark side of the force...IF you answer truthfully.

1. If a Jedi Knight comes to Earth and shows you that you can use the force, what is the first thing you do? (Note: he said that he cannot take you to the Jedi Temple because there is no room in his starfighter for you.)
I tell the news so I can become famous!
I quietly ask the Jedi to teach me in the ways of the force
I cry out, "Teach me the force!"
Kill him and take his ship.
Laugh evilly and begin electrocuting people you hate!
2. You have some control with the force. You are going for a brisk walk outside and a teenager hits you in the side of the head--hard--with a baseball he threw. What do you do?
Grab it and whip it into his face twice as hard as he hit you with it!
Fall to the ground and pretend you`re unconcious; then sue him and use mind tricks on the jury
Ignore him completely.
Call him bad names until he is afraid.
Consider the possibility he didn`t mean to hit you with it when he threw it.
3. You are walking through a city, and a parade of FREAKS (you define it) comes marching right in front of you. Sickened, you...
Pull out my lightsaber and hack them to pieces in the middle of the city! Ha ha!
Force-push them to the ground and charge through as if they are nothing.
Force-lightning is there for a reason, right? (Heh heh heh)
Use the force to choke all 8 of them, one at a time.
Use the force to choke all 8 of them simultaneously
Use mind tricks on them all to reform them to be proper.
Ignore them.
Taunt them.
Join them.
Get in a car and run them over!
4. You are at your favorite restaurant, about to enjoy your favorite dish, when some guy at the table across from you begins swearing at you because you chose that dish. How to respond?
Show him that the words YOU know are much worse and more varied, making his pale in comparison.
Use the force to flatten him against the wall/window.
Use the force to levitate your food right in front of his ugly face.
Start a food fight.
Ignore him.
Confront him and tell him to stop swearing in a public establishment.
Use a mind trick to make him stop.
Go eat something else somewhere else(even though you`ve already paid so much for your favorite meal)
5. It is getting dark and you`re hurrying home. Suddenly someone jumps out in front of you and knocks you to the ground with a powerful punch. He demands your money and pulls out a gun.
I`d electrocute him with the force.
I`d pull the gun from his hand and dispose of it.
I`d pull the gun from his hand and shoot him with it!
I`d pull out a gun 20 times better than his and tear him to bits!
I`d wave my hand and say, "You don`t want my money."
Pull out your lightsaber and block his shots before cutting off his hand and taking him into custody
I`d just hand over my money.
I`d force-push him against a wall and decide whether or not to spare him.
6. You are buying a car (since you can`t get a speeder) and the salesman is obviously lying through his teeth. Your response is...
...to knock his teeth out so he can`t lie through them!
Lie to him back.
Cut his head off and take the car you want.
Use a mind trick that would make him tell the truth and sell a car to you for a reasonable price
Use a mind trick to make him *give* you the car .
Just walk away.
7. You are minding your own business when someone about your size and strength hits you gently and asks for a fight (but he/she doesn`t know you have the force). What is your response?
Give him/her a fight!
Tell it you could beat it without touching it, and if it doesn`t believe you, defend yourself.
Force-leap over his/her head, land on one foot, and with your momentum kick him/her in the face.
Use a mind trick to make it go away.
Electrocute it! Wha heh hah!
Walk away.
Run away.
8. Place yourself in Anakin`s position at the beginning of Eps. 3, when Palpatine orders him to kill Dooku. You...
...put the poor guy out of his misery. He`s obviously in severe pain.
...do as Palpatine says. He is the Supreme Chancellor, after all.
...torture him instead.
..take him prisoner,and end up getting captured since U cant take care of him&escape simultaneously.
...leave him alive until Obi-Wan wakes up, and ask him.
9. How would you deal with your worst enemy?
Run him through with your lightsaber
Use a mind trick to make him do something stupid
beat him up
*Beat him UP!*
Forgive him
Leave him alone
10. The person of your dreams is at your mercy wearing whatever you`d imagined him/her in. What`s your reaction?
"Get it on" :D
Offer to take him/her out
Ignore him/her
Force him/her to you will.
Jedi don`t have any kind of relations--if anything, get the person something modest to wear.
11. Place yourself in Leia`s position in the beginning of ROTJ, where you`ve been captured by Jabba. What do you do?
I would electrocute Jabba until his smoking remains are removed from this universe!
Butter up to him,hoping that by gaining his favor that I`ll have more leniency(for an easier escape)
Enjoy wearing my new outfit. "Ah, how perfect for Tatooine!"
Grumble your way through it all, waiting to be rescued.
Resist, even if it costs me my life.
Try to bribe my way out.
Say"All right,Jabba!"and then forcechoke all of his guards,then get away in ur new favorite clothes
Enjoy dancing around. Just think, all this exercise is good for you!
12. How would you describe yourself? (Pick one)
Lazy (be truthful now!)
13. Which of the following would you wear?
Pathetic substitence-farmer robes (I must be humble...whatever)
Leather jacket (whoa man, I`m cool)
Elaborate dresses
Fancy tuxedo
Bikini--I need something heat-resistent that won`t get in the way. (Also gets me attention!)
Armor, of course
Shorts (who needs to wear anything else? We`re not on Hoth, for crying out loud!)
Pilot`s outfit. Y`know, I need to fly my starship all the time, so...
Anything black!
I dunno..something functional and good-looking..kinda like Zam Wessel`s outfit,maybe?Do I even care?
14. Be truthful. Bad habits?
Well...not really...well, maybe...BLAST why do you have to ask me about that?!?
I`m working hard to break them...help, perhaps? (Never mind...)
You kidding? My habits are PERFECT.
None that YOU need to know of.
Erm, yeah, whatever.
15. Have you ever told a lie?
Yes. (Sadly.)
Not me! Every last little drop I have ever said was as pure as the clearest crystal!
16. Do you think it is possible to turn back from the dark side?
Once you start down the dark path...*FOREVER* will it dominate your destiny, y`know?!
I don`t care. What`s it to you?
Yeah, of course.
17. Do you like to fly?
Yes Way! Flight is "DA BOMB"
...Flying is for droids! [....b~a~r~f]
18. Your favorite force power?
Mind trick
Throwing things, of course.
Jumping REALLY high. (Hey, I can see my house!)
Pushing things
Letting the force use me. "It gives me insight and thus gives the galaxy peaec."
Saber throw
19. A: How strong are you in the force? B:Midi-chlorian count range, if applicable
Very weak
Sub-average; <4,000
Normal range
Higher than normal; 16,000<
I must be the Chosen One!
Who needs midichlorians when my *passion* implodes _everything_ in my way?!
While my force strength is not optimal, my faith in the force permits me to peform...much.
20. Are you male or female?

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