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Are you truly innocent and good  quiz. There are lots of bad  dirty  mean people in this world  Then again  some are really nice and innocent  Where do you belong Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you truly innocent and good?
There are lots of bad, dirty, mean people in this world. Then again, some are really nice and innocent. Where do you belong?

1. Do you spread false rumors at people, just to get at them?
YEAH!!! Especially those dumb nerds....
Only if they did something mean to me.
No, that`s rude. Whether they did something mean to me or not, that`s rude!
2. Do you curse? How often?
Yes, I curse the worst words, and I say them a lot!!
Yeah, I curse some bad words, and I say them sometimes.
I curse once in a while, but not very bad words.
No not really. I do sometimes - accidentally!!
NO!!! Words like that are not needed.
3. Do you tell dirty jokes?
Yeah I guess. But I`m not crazy about them. Only when I feel like tellin one.
Not a lot. I`ll only tell one if it`s REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY funny.
I listen to them. But I don`t tell them.
No way. They aren`t funny. They are just WRONG.
4. Do you have more than one boy/girlfriend?
Yes. It`s fun to have more than one ;)
Two at the most.
No. I only have one close to my heart....
Don`t have any yet, but if I did, I`d probably cheat.
Don`t have one yet, but if I did, I wouldn`t cheat on them.
5. Do you do drugs? Like do you smoke?
YES!!! Only to be cool. Who cares about my health?
Yeah, but I didnt know it was bad for my health.
Yes. But I want to quit.
No, but I`m dying to.
NO WAY!!! I never ever will.
6. Do you hunt animals? JUST FOR FUN!?!?!?!?!
Of course. I`m more important than those dumb useless animals who cares bout em?
Only for good uses. Not just for fun.
Nah. But I want to learn how to SO badly!
NO WAY!!! Those animals have a life too, and it`s wrong to hunt them. Especially just for fun!
7. Say you`re taking a test at school. Your friend passes you a cheat sheet. What do you do?
Look at it and smile. I love cheating...
Glance at it. But then turn it over.
I close my eyes and whack it off my desk. I have never cheated before, and I never will!
8. Do you steal things?
9. Do you steal things?

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