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Are You A True Metallica fan?
Answer these questions to see if you know just what you think you know about Metallica!

1. What year did Metallica form?
2. Name the members.
Larry, George, Matt, and Gary
James, Lars, Robert, and Kirk
Jake, Dave, Donald, and John
Chris, Joe, Mike, and Greg
3. What instrument does Kirk play?
Lead Guitar
Rhythm Guitar
4. James` full name is _____________.
James Kyle Smith
James Ivan Hammett
James Alan Hetfield
James Christoper Johnson
5. The song, "...And Justice For All" originatd from what?
A History Book
The National Anthem
A Bumper Sticker
The Pledge of Allegiance
6. How did James and Lars meet?
Through a Newspaper Ad
Over the internet
By bumping into each other
In High School
7. What was Metallica`s first song?
Ride the Lightning
Hit the Lights
Fade to Black
8. What did James go to rehab for? And what year?
Drug Addiction; 2002
Alcohol Addiction; 2005
Band Addiction; 1990
Bad Driving; 1995
9. Who was the original bassist for Metallica?
Cliff Burton
Ron Mcgovney
Robert Trujilio
Jason Newsted
10. What year was the album, `Master of Puppets` released?
11. James is the lead singer and plays what?
Rhythm Guitar
Lead Guitar
12. Who was the lead guitarist before Kirk?
Cliff Burton
Dan Reynolds
Dave Mustaine
Ronnie Van Zant
13. The song, `One`, is about what?
A Veteran who got messed up by a landmine
The book, `Johnny Got His Gun`
A guy with a serious medical condition
A dead guy
14. James Hetfield is married to who?
Jennifer Hetfield
Francesca Hetfield
Lexi Hetfield
Jessica Hetfield
15. What is the new album Metallica came out with recently?
Atlas, Rise!
Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
Over the Charts!
Metallica in Your Brain
16. What happened to James Hetfield during `Fade to Black` at a concert?
He tripped and fell
He was drunk and fell off the stage, breaking several bones
He stepped in the flame of the pyrotechnetics and got severly burned
He fought a fan and got arrested
17. How old is James?
18. Finish the lyric. "Things not what they used to be, _________."
Can`t really see
Missing one inside of me
Where are we?
I ain`t me
19. What is on the cover of `Ride the Lightning`? (Besides the Lightning)
A jail cell
An electric chair
A pair of jumper cables
A shoe
20. Metallica is still making music. True or False?
I don`t know
Yes they are
No they quit a long time ago

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