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are you a true lycan  quiz. for you people who don t know what  al ycan is it is a werewolf Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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are you a true lycan?
for you people who don't know what al ycan is it is a werewolf.

1. if life or death would be between letting youre friend fall to thier death and saving youre self,, what would it be?
let them go!
no i will find the strength to save us both.
i will sacrifice myself for my freind.
2. what would you eat if you were stuck in the middle of a dessert?pick what to do first.(don`t pick the thing that sounds the smartest beacause it may be wrong.
i would dig to find water.
would make shelter.
call for another wolf clan for help.
sit there beacause im to lazy.:)
3. how ould you react to fight with one of youre own againtst a rival clan?
call in the rest to help out and be victorius.
what does victoruios mean?
i would help myself.
watch to only let the friend be victorious.
4. do you know what a lycan is?
a werewolf
a unicorn
a type of werewolf
both a and b.
a dog
5. what kind of animal do you eat?(should you eat?)
some fast food from mcd`s or somthing.
6. what color is youre favorite?
something that can be seen
something that cannot be seen
bright and colorful

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Created on:9/23/2009 5:55:22 PM
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